DAY 1 – Wednesday September 28th

19.00-21.30: Workshop Bongile Mantsai
@ Dramastudio 2, School of Arts, Ghent

“Dealing, Voicing, Living” 

“Dealing, Voicing, Living” will be an intense journey guided by South African director and actor Bongile Mantsai. In this workshop we explore the daily impact of words on our physical bodies as individuals intrinsically embedded in diverse societies. Creating a safe place to voice, the workshop engages the participants to move backwards and forwards, on and around painful memories and violent expressions. In the workshop we reflect the ubiquitous impact of the use of language and its stereotyping wording and how to give meaning, understand and overcome those processes with the use of our body. South African artists Mandisi Sindo and Amelda Brand will join and support the workshop.

DAY 2 – Thursday 
September 29th

18.00 – 18.15  /  20.00 – 20.15: Meet Max. An encounter with a relational textile object by Kristof Van Gestel, Jenka Van Hoecke en Sofie Van Albroeck
@ Tramzwart, kleine studio, School of Arts, Ghent

MAX (2016)

For this occasion Sofie Van Aelbroeck, Jenka Van Hoecke en I would like to invite a small group of you to experience a large relational textile object that we will fabricate over the summer.

More and more I grew unhappy about the fact that during exhibitions my sculptures were just ‘sitting’ in the space. That is why I started organizing more and more participative and experiential happenings. Moreover I started making the sort of objects/instructions that could fulfill this new tasks. For this occasion Jenka, Sofie and I will give you a preview of a new piece that we are working on. For this sculpture, the audience will act as the pedestal! This meeting will be a very informal and short introduction to this new creation! Very welcome!



DAY 3 – Friday September 30th

Workshop Adriana La Selva
@ Tramzwart, kleine studio, School of Arts, Ghent

Max. amount of participants: 10

The bruise scores moving sessions


An investigation of the transformative power of traumas through physical dramaturges by articulating repetition, interruption and failure.

Can we create traumas?
Find pleasure in them?

The workshop will be divided in two sessions where we will
– explore different corporeal states through the lenses of alternative models for pre-expressive work.
– apply these states in compositional strategies for performance creation

No experience is required, but do come with a will to engage in physical work.

Adriana La Selva is working on a practice-as-research PhD at the University of Ghent in association with the School of Arts (KASK) and the Institute a.pass, which looks into contemporary training methodologies in theatre in relation to the tradition of Eugenio Barba’s Theatre Anthropology, in order to question his notion of recurring principles in postdramatic approaches to creative processes. Before, she worked as a guest-professor at the School of Arts and as training methodologies docent at the Theatre School Celia Helena (Sao Paulo) as well as freelance coach for actors in performances in Brazil, Australia and the UK. She is the artistic director of the theatre collective –das marionette-, based in Gent and a performer.